How can I create images with KAI?

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Images significantly contribute to the learning experience by providing illustration, context, and motivation enhancement. You have the option to create photographs, illustrations, infographics, or drawings yourself, use image databases, or generate images with AI. In this article, you will learn how to automatically create images with KAI, the AI assistant in Knowledgeworker Create.

KAI is an AI assistant for Knowledgeworker Create. More information about creating e-learning content with AI can be found here.

Before you start

With KAI, you can generate images based on a description. The quality of the generated images significantly depends on the clarity and specificity of your image description. Think carefully about how the image should look, what elements it should contain, and what techniques should be used.

Also consider the risks associated with AI-based image generation, such as inaccuracies in representation or trademark issues.

Creating images with KAI

  1. Open the content for which you want to create an image with KAI and navigate to the section where you want to insert the image.
  2. Open the KAI tab in the menu.
  3. Select the Image option for creation.
  4. Formulate your wish for the image, e.g.:
    • "Technical drawing of a steam engine, isometric, no labels, black and white"
    • "Two joggers running in the park, a man and a woman, bright morning light, blurred skyscrapers of a big city in the background"
    • "An abstract, friendly background image with a color gradient from white to turquoise, evoking positive associations with health and relaxation."
    • "Flat icon of a question mark in indigo color"
  5. Click Send to receive an image suggestion from KAI.
  6. For changes to the image suggestion, you can specify more details in the text field and select Send again.
  7. Once the image meets your wishes, insert it at the desired location in the content by dragging the image with the mouse to the desired position.
  8. To create a new image, end the current chat and select Start a new chat.

Newly created images are automatically saved in the media library, where they can be edited and reused.

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