Verification code not available

Modified on Tue, 27 Dec 2022 at 11:05 AM

Lost access to your verification codes, for example because your phone is broken, the Knowledgeworker Create account in the app, or the app has been deleted? You can deactivate the two-step verification by contacting your administrator or contacting Knowledgeworker Support.

Contacting my administrator

Your Knowledgeworker account is managed by one or more users in your organization. Send this person your username and ask to deactivate the confirmation in two steps.

Your administrator will need to identify you by your Knowledgeworker username. Send only the username and no codes or passwords.

Contact support

If your administrator cannot disable the two-step verification for your account, you can contact Knowledgeworker Support.

Our support will need to identify you by your Knowledgeworker username. In your request, send only the username and never codes or passwords.

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